MAD Ventures, Inc., is pioneering a breakthrough model of startup investment to Western Canada. Through proper leveraging of Internet technologies, we developed a system to incubate early-stage innovators without the need for the startup companies to physically relocate. This minimizes downtime and business interruption, which have been traditional issues in incubation. We call our process "I-cubation."

I-cubation, as defined by MAD Ventures, is more than just providing money and management expertise to growing companies. We have extensive business connections around the world and, in particular, have a keen interest in helping Canadian businesses secure business opportunities in the Asia Pacific region. By ensuring the right mix of R&D, Venture Capital, and business development, MAD Venture's I-cubation process ensures promising innovators have the best chance of realizing their visions.


- Thomas Ahn, CEO of MAD Ventures Inc.,demos the Segway HT to the New VI News in Victoria, Canada

- Mad Ventures, Inc. participates in the early stage Investment Forum in Seattle.

- Thomas Ahn, CEO of Mad Ventures, Inc. Signs a contract with Sang-Kiet Ly from KPMG.


I-Cubator is a word coined by Mad Ventures that describes the incubation process of high-tech companies over the Internet